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Richard's Story

A fantastic kid.

A great personality.

These are just a few of the ways you may hear people describe Richard (standing in the red shirt above). Despite being a fantastic kid with a great personality, Richard was struggling academically.

During the first quarter of his 8th grade year, he was failing everything but P.E. His mother, who is a single parent head of household, and his school knew that he was very capable, but not motivated.

Thanks to United Way and The Boys & Girls Club, Richard was paired with a different tutor every week.  At first, it was a challenge to get him to meet with the tutor – he claimed he didn’t need help. But once Richard got to know the volunteer tutors, and realized they were going to keep coming back week after week, his attitude changed.

He began working with his tutors each week, and more importantly, he was now motivated. At the end of the school year, Richard came home with two D’s, two C’s and two B’s – he even passed the Constitution Test.

Thanks to support from United Way, and most of all, Richard’s determination, he entered high school in the fall of 2014!