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We believe each person should have access to the care and preventative services needed to maintain good health that improves the quality of life. Together with our partners, our goal is to ensure everyone has access to affordable, quality health care and services that promote and teach the habits of a healthy lifestyle. While preventing serious health issues from occurring is ideal, there are often major barriers that limit some people from benefiting from these prevention services. These barriers include access to health care and services, ability to utilize services they are eligible for and then having the knowledge and skills to avoid potential risk factors.

The Challenge

  • The McLean County Health Department estimates that 17,126 people in the County do not have health insurance.
  • 24 percent of people living in poverty in McLean County consider the Emergency Department their primary source of health care.
  • Nearly 23 percent of McLean County residents said they had not visited a dentist in the last 12 months due to cost or lack of insurance.
  • 32 percent of adults in McLean County were obese in 2014 - a 10 percent increase from 2008. On average, the annual medical costs for people who are obese are $1,429 higher than those of normal weight.

Our Response

We know the best chance for improving people's health is by breaking through the barriers and attitudes preventing a healthy lifestyle. While individual and family needs may differ significantly, health services must target and address issues in three key areas.

  • Children and adults have access to care and health care coverage.
  • Children and adults have improved physical and behavioral health.
  • Expectant parents and newborns have healthy beginnings.

These outcomes and key indicators are used to evaluate the effectiveness of direct service programs and collective impact initiatives funded under the health area.

2017 Funded Programs

Adult Services Medivan Transportation  - YWCA of McLean County - $3,752

Blood Services  - American Red Cross of the Heartland - $16,808

Countering Domestic Violence - Mid Central Community Action - $11,206

Crisis Nursery - Children’s Home + Aid Children’s - $11,206

Family Counseling - Center for Youth and Family Services - $35,203

Healthy Start - Baby Fold - $54,160

Medical Home for the Uninsured - Community Health Care Clinic - $65,365

Medical Program - Center for Human Services - $92,769

OPTIONS - Collaborative Solutions Institute - $14,941

Senior Transportation - Faith in Action - $3,752

Stepping Stones - YWCA of McLean County - $9,338