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In McLean County, we're working everyday to ensure every child has a quality education, every family has a stable income and safe place to sleep and everyone is able to enjoy a life of good health. But to continue our vital work, we need your support.

Ways to give

Give online

Call to make a donation

(309) 828-7383

Give by mail

United Way of McLean County
201 E. Grove Street
Bloomington, IL 61701

This is how your gift can help:

  • A $50 gift will provide one student with a ride to an after-school program, five hours of employment training and support for a person with a developmental disability, five hours of child care for children of parents experiencing financial hardship and shelter and food for 12 homeless people for a day - all of this with a $50 donation.
  • A $100 gift will provide a one-on-one intervention session for an at-risk youth, home-care visits for 20 seniors, a medical appointment for two people without health insurance and an hour of legal representation for someone fighting to avoid eviction and homelessness - all of this with a $100 donation.
  • A $500 gift will provide five meetings with a caseworker to improve a student's attendance and academic success, resume writing and interview training for 10 homeless people, three months of psychiatric services for a low-income person experiencing mental illness and disaster relief for one McLean County family in need - all of this with a $500 Leadership Giving donation.

Your gift, no matter the amount, helps create opportunities for a better life for everyone in McLean County.

*Donations made to United Way of McLean County are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.