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We believe that every child deserves the best possible future, and a good education is the foundation for success in all areas of life. Together with our partners, our goal is to provide each child in McLean County with the opportunity and support necessary to achieve their greatest academic potential. This means ensuring each child starts school ready to learn and graduates prepared for their career.

The Challenge

  • Research estimates that for every child who attends high-quality child care, taxpayers can save up to $3,700 per child over his/her K-12 years.
  • The average 4-Year graduation rate across McLean County districts was 85 percent in 2013, down from 96 percent in 2009.
  • Of the population 25 years and older in McLean County, 42.4 percent of people without a high school diploma live in poverty.
  • By 2020, 61 percent of all jobs will require a college degree.

Our Response

We recognize that education services offered to children and families lie within a chronological continuum that begins at birth. While services offered at any point along the continuum may have benefits, local research identified five key points critical for student success.

  • Children enter kindergarten ready to learn.
  • Students are reading at grade level.
  • Students are promoted to the next grade level each year.
  • Students are prepared for their transition to high school.
  • Students are graduating from high school.

These outcomes and key indicators are used to evaluate the effectiveness of direct service programs and collective impact initiatives funded under the education area.

2017 Funded Programs

  • After School Club - Western Avenue Community Center - $24,726
  • Community Schools - The Baby Fold - $34,382
  • Community & School-Based Mentoring - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Illinois - $31,051
  • Credit Recovery - Unit 5 School District - $8,596
  • Heartland Head Start Preschool - Heartland Head Start - $37,867
  • Milestones Childcare - Milestones Early Learning Center & Preschool - $56,086
  • Raiders 101 - Bloomington High School - $10,819
  • Reading Success - Boys & Girls Club - $6,612
  • RSVP Smart Sprouts Program - YWCA of Mclean County - $1,947
  • SAME - Project Oz - $54,907
  • Scott Early Learning Center - Children’s Home + Aid - $6,762
  • SPICE - Marcftrst - $17,592
  • Young Wonders Childcare - YWCA of McLean County - $34,080