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Community Assessments

 Community Assessments 

Community Health Improvement Plan 2017-2019 - The McLean County Health Improvement Plan is a joint implementation plan created based on the recent joint Community Health Needs Assessment. It was developed in partnership with representatives over 45 community social service, healthcare and faith-based agencies, government entities, academic facilities, and other organizations. BroMenn Medical Center, the McLean County Health Department, OSF St. Joseph Medical Center and United Way of McLean County served as the Executive Steering Committee and were responsible for ensuring that the plan is implemented and are all implied resources and partners for each health priority plan.

The purpose of the Plan is to improve the health of McLean County residents by developing and maintaining partnerships to implement Community Health Improvement Plan interventions, encouraging health and healthcare access awareness, and promoting healthy lifestyle choices that can improve health and reduce the risk of death and disability. 


Community Health Needs Assessment - For the first time ever, the McLean County Health Department, Advocate BroMenn Medical Center, OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, and the United Way of McLean County partnered to produce a comprehensive, joint community health needs assessment for McLean County. The McLean County Community Health Council, a group of 33 individuals from 13 organizations in the county representing public entities, faith-based and private organizations, social service organizations, healthcare facilities, and city and regional planning, were engaged to apply the rigorous Hanlon Method and thereby determine the top three health priorities for McLean County, which are:

  • Access to Appropriate Healthcare for the Underserved and Areas of High Socioeconomic Need
  • Behavioral Health (including mental health and substance abuse)
  • Obesity

Please read the report for more detail, and contact David Taylor, UWMC CEO & President, with any questions (


The 2014 Community Assessment evaluates the assets and needs of McLean County by focusing on residents’ experiences receiving health and human services. The assessment was coordinated and conducted by United Way of McLean County, with additional research and technical assistance from faculty at Illinois State University, as well as graduate students in the ISU Stevenson Center.