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180 United

What is a 180? Sometimes, a little change can mean a big turnaround. When someone is said to do "a 180", it typically signifies a turn in a new (and opposite direction).  Sometimes, a 180 in life can take you in the wrong direction or with the support of United Way, in the right direction. 

What we do? United Way of McLean County fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every resident in every community in McLean County. We all have something we're passionate about...something we fight for.

How will we do it? Over time, we hope to expand our reach, to show people what's possible, and to get more people to join our fight. United Way encourages successful 180's into a positive direction.

Why we do it?  Here at United Way of McLean County, we're committed to creating more positive 180's in the lives of the people of McLean County. 180United is our first step to highlight positive 180's resulting from the work that we do. 



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